Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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A Lesson Learned: Mind Yo Bidness!!!

If you find love: Keep it. Appreciate it. And work hard everyday to make sure that no thing and no person can come against it.

I had love before and I let outsiders taint it for me. I let their opinions and comments change what I had been happy with all along. I know I usually have something to joke about, but this hits home and I’m telling you it hits hard. Everyday I wake up and think about how stupid I was and how I have to work hard to prove to myself that there's love out there. So this weeks lesson is simple. Tell anyone who is not in your relationship to Mind their own damn business!!! Got it?

Its natural for us to seek out others for advice when things aren't going so well in our relationship. But don't confuse needing to vent with bringing an outside perspective inside your relationship. [Side note: if you getting yo ass whooped, and yo girl say... G, leave him!.... Do it. Abuse in any form is unacceptable.].

A lot of times when we're angry at our significant others, they're the last person that we want to speak to. And that's fine, don't. At least right away. Talk to a friend you trust. Tell them how you feel and politely thank them for listening. That's all. Even if they've been thru what you're going thru, don't take their advice cuz its just that: theirs. Ya feel me? They can only tell you how they handled the situation and how they coped. That might not work for you! I’ll say it like this… my fine ass was cheated on before (I know, beats me too, smh!). Looking at what other people were doing and listening to what they were saying, I cheated out of retaliation. Now I realize, that wasn’t for me! I should have just walked away.

Your relationship is yours! Keep it that way by not allowing miscellaneous friends cloud up the situation with…”Girl, he ain’t shit” or “Dude, let her go!” Do you. So that way when you’re done with the situation, you know what works best for you. Lo-lo amd Boo-man are just going to have to be mad that you didn’t take their advice, but you’ll be happier in the end.

QOTWk: A lot of females, including myself, have been talking about this whole “HEARTLESS” thing. Fellas, and ladies, define “heartless” for me. As in… How could you be so heartless! And have you experienced it??

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