Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DyVineDyalogue 2.1

I had an idea about what to write, but at the last second, I changed my mind. So, bear with me….

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I realized that I have been gearing DyVineDyalogue towards couples, so, I want to make sure that I get the “Single Ladies” and solo fellas in there too! So this week, I’m outing the ladies. Fellas, I present to you four reasons why women say that they are single… AND… why some are a bunch of Grade A Bullsh*t! Haha.

Why are you single?

Ladies, don’t you hate when guys ask you this question as if there is a problem with being single? Haha. I mean, you can be single and happy, no?

Reason #1: I’m focusing on my career.

Pause. I’d like to say that if she works at McDonald’s, the mall or any of the like, please slap yourself for accepting this as an excuse! LMAO.

This is a huge cop out for a lot of females. They may say this for a multitude of reasons. She may be scared, guarded, or still trying to get her feelings together from a recent break up and doesn’t want to admit that. So this excuse is bull! Nobody’s so focused on a career that they don’t want to have someone to smile with every once in a while. That goes for you men as well! But if she wants to keep up the charade, leave her alone! It’s as simple as that. If she’s that “focused” on her career, then she lacks the balance in her life to be able to handle work and a relationship, and that’s not something you want to deal with any old ways!

Reason #2: I’m just trying to do me.

First of all… what the HELL does that mean?? Do you?!? Sweetie, I thought you were you? And if you are you, then you should be “doing you” 365 days a year. How bout you figure out whom this “you” is that you’re doing, and get back to me. LMAO!

Honestly, I think this female is telling you that she doesn’t want a relationship with YOU. This is a nice way of saying so. Cuz you had better believe if the light-skinned dude with the pretty eyes and dope swag (or whatever her preference -lol) comes along …she’d be too geeked to be “wifed.”

On the other hand, I’ve also heard females say this and use it as a low-key excuse to smash all the dudes she wants… But at the end of it all, this excuse is bull. Outside of having personal issues, the “doing me” excuse isn’t really an excuse cuz it makes no real sense! If a female says this to you… please get fifty feet away from her confused ass! Let her do “her” and you find somebody who knows who they are! Okay?

Reason #3: I’m Happy being single

I think all of us women lie to ourselves and say something along these lines to ourselves at some point. “I’m happy being single” and “I don’t want a man,” or if you got a hood chick…”F*ck a n*gga, Money make me c*m”… LOL!

Sure, you like your alone time or you haven’t found the right person, but women seek out love and comfort whether it be consciously or subconsciously. I, even, make the mistake of saying this from time to time. It’s natural. What I mean to say is… “I’m not actively pursuing a relationship. I’m cool. I’m meeting new people. Should I find someone worthy of my time, I’ll pursue it.” In reality, this issue is much deeper than I can even explore… (on some “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” type ish- lol). This excuse isn’t so much bull as the others. It’s just bull because, females are always scanning the crowd for prospects (prospective boos, dips, smashes… whatever ~~> Oops, giving away too much! =O ). I can safely say that there isn’t a time when a woman isn’t looking for something! Hahaha.

Reason #4: There are no good men!

(Raising hand) I beg to differ! Every man I have ever dated was a good man, with the exception of one. They just weren’t the men for me is all, I’ll say. Women say this to me all the time and I can’t say I agree… Maybe it’s me, I meet all the good ones (::pumps fist in the air:: Yessssss! Sweet!) haha! In fact, I’m pretty sure that there are tons of good men reading this. They’re trying to gain some insight on what the heck all of us crazy women are about. LMAO, but don’t think I’m naïve; I know there are some “assholes” out there! So, no further explanation needed. This is a bullshit excuse!

So fellas…. Did you learn something? No? Well just remember this… if she says… “Im just doing me”….RUN! That bisch is confused and will only add DRAMA to your life! Haha!

Have a good week ya’ll! And Answer the QOTWk!


QOTWk: If you’re on a date or out with your boo, how long is too long to look at another person…5 seconds, 10seconds? You tell me!

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