Friday, August 14, 2009

Freaky Friday

Another week is behind us and as we all begin our weekends, is it time for Freaky Friday. It is time to open your minds (for ladies..legs) and begin the journey into sexuality with who else but me YourAddiction. The summer is slowly but surely calming down but I will attempt to keep that heat in your lives, or at least y'all bedrooms but as always let me handle a few maintenance issues......

Yo been hearing chitter chatter from some dude(mainly through females) but from guys nonetheless, hey not trying to swoop down on your lady, believe me, trying to help you out ultimately so maybe instead of sticking to your same o same o, you should take a few notes or at least find out why your girl find the Freaky Friday post so interesting! Her reading this and you reading this only creates ample reason for you two to practice or tryout and enjoy so don't be a dick head!

oK, on to the juicy stuff... As usual due to the post I have been having hella random conversations about sex whether with the snewty crew, randoms, or my friends so I am hearing many topics about the bedroom but this week it was a particular convo that immediately grabbed my ear. It was brought to my attention that even amongst women that enjoy having sex with their partners, they still crave more, they still that something is missing......what is that? Foreplay!!! Now before you tune out fellas, let me tell you this: FOREPLAY IS MORE THAN KISSING YOUR GIRL ON THE NECK, FEELING HER UP, FINGERING HER, PLAYING WITH HER CLIT, AND EVEN EATING HER OUT and to go along with that the same effort that you put into sex you should put into getting her ready for the sex whether you are "fucking her" or "making love". The fact of the matter remains that unless it is a quickie(that is a scheduled quickie, not you cumming fast as hell on some my first time shit), you should be devoting time to getting your girl ready for what you are about to do to her. The purpose of foreplay is not only to get her wet enough so you can slide inside her, its to mentally get her mind and body focused on you and all the shit that you have in store for her. The lasting thought should be" damn he is not even inside of me yet! or OMG, I need him inside me now!" (For the record no she does not feel like that normal, no way in hell u that sexy and if she did or told you that believe she either had liquor in her system or been on a drought my dude!)

So what can I offer you, Hmmmm, a better way to handle the situation! Where do you start, the head, yea the head, all orgasms start in the mind not in her pussy, so little things like sending a text message saying that you can't wait to be inside her or and email maybe outlining things to come goes a long way. She can go back and read those all day and over the course of any day more than one of keeps you in her head no matter her day because she knows that her man plans on ending the worst day with a bang!

Now fast forward, once you finally have her alone and don't jump her bones( that was white side coming out excuse me), take your time, sit her down, offer a massage, remember that fact that you both know the ending result only means that there is no need to get there because at the end of the day you will get there so chill. Once you finally have her settled, take her clothes off slowly, I suggest replacing every piece of clothing with your mouth, so as you are removing her shirt kiss her.

Disclaimer: The is kiss is bout as important as any, you may run into a girl who does not like kissing but that is more than likely because she does not want to deal with a nigha shoving his tongue down her throat, or licking her teeth, sucking on her tongue etc. A kiss is just that a kiss, its centered around the lips so use those, if she wants tongue she will let you know other than that pull her close and kiss your girl. Feel free to run your fingers along her back, legs, arms. Squeeze her ass every now and then.

.......back to replacing her clothing with your mouth. When you remove her shirt cover her neck, shoulders, chest( we not at the breast yet) with kisses. As you take off her bra cover her breast with those same kisses, move along to her nipples, take them softly into her mouth, suck lightly, listen to her reactions and try different pressures. Some ladies like you to suck lightly others may want it a bit harder or for you to lightly nibble. Her noises and movements will guide you so let them. Continue with the same concept as you remove the rest of her clothing just take your time.

Now she is nude so what is next, you strap up and dive in right!! Uhhhhh, No!! Retrace your steps start back at her lips and do it all over again, the air that is hitting her nude both along with your mouth will turn her on more and more. Head between her t highs and then go to my past Freaky Friday and follow directions on handling her pussy with your mouth! Once, you have covered all of this she should be wanting you now and if she has not pushed you on your back and took over, or asked for you to be inside you then I'm sure she will appreciate you giving her that pleasure now. This is clearly not a play by play but more of a guide, I wrote that in a couple minutes but the idea is to make the foreplay last around that 15-20 min range.(Long, well yea nigha be happy cause most of you don't last that long inside her so you have officially turned your 11 min bang fest into a 26-31 m in romp, still poor but hey longer!!)

Other help tips:
  • Introduce toys into your foreplay, as much as you guys may not want to hear it she has one or two or three and she loves each one so imagine how much damage you can do incorporating them.
  • If she is up to it, take ice cubes into your mouth and as outline each curve, each nook and cranny of her body with the ice then, lick away the water trails. Object is don't let the water touch the bed!
Alright I'm gonna leave you with that nothing too crazy this week, something to enjoy but tune into @snewtyaddiction on twitter, cause starting tonight we taking the freaky shit to the twitter world so feel free to tune and see what I'm on.. This weekends topic: Favorite positions!!
As usual when you are seeking pleasure follow YourAddiction.

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