Friday, August 21, 2009

Freaky Friday

(I really must love yall out there cause I put all of this together in the rain, since my school computer lab closed early on me so I hope you all enjoy!! lol)

Man, this past week went by fast, I still think a ton of you might still be trying to get your foreplay games together lol, nonetheless it is another Friday and as we know the weekend has officially begun. What better way to kick your weekend off than here with Freaky Friday, this is where the action happens (said in his smug MTV Cribs voice)! I usually start Freaky Friday with and air out, where I get some shit off my chest not this week, I’m gonna fall back and thank all those who been reading the post and I hope you continue and tell your friends, cause everyone likes sex and everyone wants the sex to be good.

Shout s out to the Snewty Fam all over twitter, @isissosnewty, @malcom_snax, @dyvinesoul. It is not only a movement it is a lifestyle. (Also, for the hip-hop heads and lovers of fashion we have, the I’m on bullshit tees; hit us on twitter to cop)

Ok, enough of that I know yall came to read that juicy stuff, to see what this freaky dude YourAddiction, was going to say this week. Well……………………………………………...Here we go!

In weeks prior, you know that I been laying down tips for couples to get it in, once they close that bedroom door(or wherever you freaks decide to get it in), but for the most the tips been focused towards the fellas out there. I was talking with one of the readers and they were like” you always going hard on the niggas but keep going they need to know the shit. “Needless to say this was a woman talking, and it got me thinking, she was right so guess what ladies this one is for you! Fellas, you know just like I do that there are some women out there that handles their business in the bed. We also know that if asked how the sex was by one of our boys, or other female friends we are more than likely say” It was straight, nothing special” and that is usually while doing the” kinda sorta” hand gesture. (I see all of my female readers rolling their eyes like here this nigha go!)

Why is this? Are our women complacent out there? Do they expect an all-star sex performance from their man why they offer sex that at best reaches the sixth man on the bench? Maybe they have been so used to hearing guys moan or bust early that they honestly think that they got that come back when in fact they have that “well at least I bust.” Right now I’m getting my male readers back as we think back to the girls that fall into this category and guess what ladies.. MEN DO IN FACT FAKE ORGASMS AND EXCITEMENT!!! (A hush falls over the blog audience as women begin to rethink all the times they guy was moaning and telling them it felt so good, as those few ladies say aloud “I knew that already” lol) Ladies, don’t worry it is not your fault we just don’t want to hurt your feelings we know it’s already a struggle with how your body looks, etc, so why add insult by letting you know that it was a lack luster performance. Lucky for you, you have me! Therefore, this week is some tips to make sure you throw down in the bed as I present:


This will be split into portions oral sex, sex, then variations and extra tips

  1. Oral Sex

Now, I spoke on this previously but I don’t think it sunk into the heads of most ladies. I am sure of it, so I am going to make sure that I break it down:

· Ladies, when it comes to head, you need to get in your head that we can tell if you not into and it is nothing worse than reluctant head, so get into it. If you not into it then just stop or don’t do it and that’s just real; If you doing it, it should be with someone that you care enough to make him feel good and go all out. If that’s not the case with the guy, then STOP SUCKING OFF RANDOM GUYS AND MAYBE YOU WILL APPRECIATE IT MORE FOR YOUR MAN!!

· Once you have realized that you need to be into the head, you need to understand that you will only get b+ and above ratings from us in head if you are able to keep us wet during the length of the head. To put it bluntly, hey you have saliva for a reason, so use it. Don’t be afraid to go ahead and drool over the dick to keep him moist all over. TIP: If you are having trouble creating spit on your own, take him deeper into your mouth and naturally your body will create spit thinking you need it to take down whatever it is in your mouth.

· Now that we have spit know that along with your mouth your hand is your best friend. The average females mouth is 4 inches, the average dick is 5.3 inches( 6inches amongst black men) so even on average you have at the least 1 inch left outside your mouth. This means that, you need to cover the excess with your hand especially if you focus mainly on the head like most women. Use your hand to stroke him as you work him in and out of his mouth.

· Once you have that down, remember that it is “sucking dick” for a reason; there should be some sort of suction going on throughout all of this. Even more just because it is sucking dick you can still use your tongue around the head and along the shaft, it makes things a bit more interesting and creates numerous sensations at once.

· Lastly, please please please watch the teeth ladies please!! It does not feel good. It can actually be quite painful, so OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIDER!

  1. Sex

· Now here, is where it usually falls apart ladies, now you may know that the in and out motion of sex feels good, but the same way you don’t want a dude going pump crazy inside you with the same stroke dudes don’t want you to just bounce up and down always. Switch the motions up, try rotating your hips as you do this, while you riding try bouncing your ass on just the tip of him.

· This bullet is solely to tell all the women to go to the very first post I made and make sure that you learn the asian cowgirl.

· Also, when you are on your back ladies even though this is usually a position for men to work, that do not mean that you don’t work ladies, hey moving your hips while he sliding inside you or throwing yourself back at him not only makes the sexual experience better.

· Doing the act I know you are in a rush or are focused on getting yours but ummmm, us men are having sex also so maybe want to include us so see if we enjoyin it also or if you should do something different.

· Lastly, don’t be lazy. This is the worst I spoke on when you are on your back but when you are on top that rockin back and forth thing yall like to do is not the best route to go, it can get if done right but other than that it does nothing. And when bent over hey, THROW IT BACK!! We appreciate it more plus it looks wonderful! Lmao!!

  1. Variations and extra tips

· While he is sliding inside you whether you on top, or him on top or from the back or whatever, reach down and graze or lightly squeeze his balls. Not too hard but you will be glad you did when it hit you with the “ooooo” mid stroke.

· While on top, this may not be able to be done with all guys(you will understand why) but as you ride him, try this multitasking: As you ride him up and down, take your hand and stroke him as you do that, it will be a continuous pleasure for him feeling. As you go you your hand follows and so on.

· Remember that just like with you the different depths of him feels different the same for him, so start shallow, then deeper, then back shallow, etc.

· Unless you know for sure that you are putting in that work or he really enjoys everything you are doing , DO NOT TALK SHIT! Please! It just becomes annoying because we are forced to lie to you when in our heads we are thinking, “shut up, so I can cum and this can be over with”

Alright that’s it ladies, don’t get mad at me nor your man we just trying to help and ultimately it is to make the sex better for both of you. To the fellas don’t take this and start talking shit because you will not get any or she could do all of this and bust fast and now you look like an idiot!!!

Til next week , I will talk to you good people later. Check me out on twitter @SnewtyAddiciton. Drop me a twit let me know if you feeling the post and do the same for my twitter family! Viva La Snewty, the movement begins, so join!

And as usual:

When you are looking for pleasure just follow YourAddiction.


Anonymous said...

As the female resident freak of the Snewty gang, I felt the need to add a quick tip for the ladies.
I was introduced to this idea as… The Peach Gobbler!


Peaches (of Course**, 1 will suffice but more if needed)

Whip Cream (may substitute w/flavored, edible oil

Your Penis of Choice (hee hee!)

Ladies, please, gather your peaches. Peel the outside of the peach. Then, slice them in half. Pit each half (remove seeds and such)…
Head to your nearest microwave. Warm the peaches up for 10-15 second…. Enuf to make them warm, not hot, as you don’t want to hurt yourself, or your partner.
Once heated, fill each half of the peaches with a small amount of Whip Cream and head to your bedroom where you should have tied up and blindfolded your “Penis of Choice” (<~~~ Haha).
Ladies, this requires a 2-handed effort, so please don’t be lazy…
Take each half in each hand and cup on either side of his penis. The warmth is a sensation that he’ll love.. and the whip cream (oil) is for you…(taste enhancer!)
Stroke the penis w/the concoction and add your mouth stroking as well… plus the fact that it tastes sooooo good… you’ll slob like crazy!
Lick up all the whip cream (oil) and eat the peaches… I suggest nibbling little pieces as you suck so that you can play w/ the warm pieces around his head! If you love giving head… u should enjoy this all just as much as he does… and don’t forget to follow all of YOUR ADDICTIONS tips in the post!
Happy Gobbling!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H! Side said...

The name "Peach Gobbler" alone is a turn on. Ladies take note

Anonymous said...


YourAddiction said...

Snewty, yea we get freaky too!!!

T.rEZko said...

Bro. Snax told me this would be a good read. Interesting.. I actually enjoy peach cobbler one of my fav deserts

Anonymous said...

This is how we gets down, B! We keeps it Snewty & Freaky! haha!

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