Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weird Science: Snow Leopard Print

What down people. . . Who could it be but H! Side (the 1 and only wit hi definition vision like Sony), founding member of UHB (U heard BoutUS and if you ain't you are new to the blog so get to know us fool). As you can see, the Snewty Crew is debuting plenty of new sections currently. Consider it our 09-10 upgrade for you Madden and 2K heads out there. In keeping with that theme I felt the need to help my fellow Snewtonians on your path to upgrading the technology in your life. See I'm a geek (but not like them clown ass dudes who dress like revenge of the nerds cuz they think its cool) and I feel like everyone would be if they knew everything you can do with a keyboard, mouse, and screen. But since this is our first time ( and I'm not drunk) I'm not going to jump in too deep too fast because you might not be ready (I'm taking YourAddiction's advice lol).

Since Apple use has exploded in the past few years (even though most people have no idea why Macs are "better" than a PC) and since it releases tommorow, I'm going to let the masses in on Mac OS X 10.6 aka "Snow Leopard" (sounds a hell of a lot better than Windows 7 doesn't it). On the surface it looks almost the same as the 10.5, lacking any major UI (User Interface) updates. The biggest changes are under the hood. Apple rewrote the majority of the the core applications and services in 64-bit code so everything runs much smoother and less space. If 10.5 and 10.6 are installed on the same machine 10.6 actually runs notably faster in almost all aspects which never happens with operating systems (XP and Vista please stand up). Quicktime X (faster video playback) Safari 4 (tied with Chrome as the fastest web browser) and Finder ( much faster search times for files) will make your old Mac feel new and your new Mac feel like Lauren London ( ask Weezy). For you business casual workers out there 10.6 come with Microsoft Exchange Server service integrated in Mail, Calendar, and Address Book so you can bring your work to the Peet's Coffee and Tea (damn hipsters) and still look like you are only on ITunes listening to Hollyweird.

Overall I come away inpressed by this update. Apple could have created some new interface that made you say "Heeeecky Naaaaw Joe" but the instead chose to make your $1200 Youtube player actually run better, allowing you to do more than look at Stephon Marbury eat vaseline. And whats best is its only $30 to upgrade, something Microsoft will never do (How do you think Bill Gates got that rich?). So do yourself a favor: don't go to the club, lounge, or your guy crib you drink and smoke at all the time (T.Rezko) this week, save that dough and STEP YOUR GIGAFLOPS UP DUDE (that makes no sense but you get the point). I'm gone. . .

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