Friday, August 7, 2009

Freaky Friday

As we finish another week and prepare ourselves for our first sexually charged weekend in August, we must start where else but here, Freaky Friday. Im hearing that people are starting to tune in to Freaky Friday so first let me thank you and with that..............................This week I am going to give you a little variety. Let's begin, I have been having some pretty interesting conversations with people this week and I wanna include you guys. The first topic, will more than likely start a ruckus somewhere but man is it funny, the topic is a guy cumming on a girl! (See, its people already laughing)

Now we all know that two people fucking raw happens, it also happens without the girl on birth control, so that means she not taking the color coded daily ya digs, she dont have the nicotene patch look alike on none of that, so what is the alternative method if lack of the ones listed and you horny as hell? Right, the pull out! Now someone may be looking right now like "or maybe you shouldnt have sex with a condom at all" and to those people I say shut the hell up, you are gonna do it and some point and then you would be a hypocrite! Anway, for those who have done this you know that when it happens it happens but the question is where? Should the guy cum on his mate, maybe find a towel or something pre eruption, cum inside you, or spray his sheets up that the two of you may have to lay in? We all know that cumming inside you shit aint gonna rock so dead that! More than likely it is not a towel laying around unless he planned this whole thing which is totally messed up. Which leaves on the girl or 300 thread count sheets. The average guy answer is of course cum on the girl, but the problem is that may be the wrong move to the wrong girl, which could be the L. Some girls may not mind, others may think its disgusting (you know cause sperm is like toxic waste), and some may see this as a true form of disrespect. I can see from all sides of this but come on SHIT HAPPENS, so unless you and your nigha have had a conversation about what he can and can not do then, he will spray wherever, your ass, breast, tummy etc. Of course, that may only be some women, others may think its sexy, like actually get turn on, the sheer thought of it is so taboo causes extreme excitement in some women. Does that make them women hoes or freaks? ummmmm, hell haw, cause its hella ladies who turning up their noses and they like something equally as freaky i.e. ass play or choking (Sorry Triple A, I had to fuck with you). I believe that with that topic its up to the people involved but by no means is it something that I feel is disrespectful especially if not spoken on but if by any chance as a fella you believe "that shit I'd rather cum on her then fuck my sheets up" then you may be in store from a verbal lashing from a woman somewhere at some time. (BJet, Lmao!!)

Moving on but sticking with the topic, ummmmm, guys please please take some time out your busy days to do some cum maintenance, stop looking dumb, yes cum maintenance. My dude we all grown as hell but no girl wants to taste your sour tasting cum(some don't want to taste anything, but we don't really worry about they stankin asses, I mean lovely ladies. jk! jk! I love you ladies!) But really dude, go and eat some pineapples, oranges, strawberries, mango, etc. What extremely acidic foods, and if you are a meat eater please drink water and really follow a strict cum sweetening diet, your girl will appreciate it.

Finally, I was told by a couple of nigs the other day who have declared themselves sexual all stars, that I needed to introduce something to them that they did not know. They obviously new all of the tips I have given already so this one is for them. I know at this point every male says they know about the g spot whether they do or do not but do they know about the u or a spot? Well if not let me educate, starting with the closes to the opening. the U Spot. This is a little area that is just inside the opening of her V, not her clit, right along underside. It is basically the u shaped area just at the opening. Using your tongue or a lubricated finger can find this area, it will take a while but after a while u will see her satisfaction and discover the U spot. Once you have, sliding your dick inside her slowly with a upward motion will cause you to rub against this area, Never roughly handle the U spot.

The A spot is actually a whole zone, forgot the name but its something like AFE zone, but its further past the G Spot, on the roof of her pussy. Its a spongy area just as the G spot is but rougher on the surface and deeper. Its just before her cervix. Now with that said dont try this shit if your girl don't believe you are qualified(ladies are prolly laughing right now cause they know to get to this area what the guy must posses lol), but to reach it its the same as the G spot but you must go further past until you feel another spongy area, you can stroke this area the same as the G spot, and if pleasured correctly can cause extreme vaginal contractions, so I think you will see if you made it there. Lol

But im out of here for now! By next week look to follow me on the twitter maybe.!! But as usual:

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