Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smoking Section

Peace to all things Snewty.. Which is pretty much everything I do. So.. With that being said. Whats good Snewty Nation?.. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rezko.. First name Tony and I have the esteemed privilege to educate.. Enlighten.. Inform and possibly persuade indulgence to the masses about that Sticky icky,bubble baby (cuz buzzington),stanky leg, Al green, J-spice,etc.. But It wont stop at just that. With the help of Malcom Snax, we will be dropping info regarding proper weed etiquette.. Session behavior.. The Best ways to achieve the most outta your smoke and of course the perfect tunes while lighting the Marley spliff.. Continue to read and enjoy post by my other Snewty affiliates. Right now I'm tryna figure out what day should I drop.. Marijuana Monday.. Weed Wednesday.. or Spliffington Saturday.. I need some help with that. Anyhow In my departure I leave you with a personal fav of mine when I bump my head on the moon... Its from another connoisseur such as myself muhahaha.. Devin the Dude/ Dooby Ashtray

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