Friday, August 28, 2009

Freaky Friday

This week has been big for Snewty as most of you would know and I would personally like to thank all that are involved in the movement. Thank you!!!!! For those who still sleeping and you happen to cross across Freaky Friday cause you heard it goes hard, well that is what the Snewtonians do, so you need to Lock In before we lock it up! Ok Ok, enough of the Snewty talk it's time, so let the freak talk begin in 5..4..3...2...

What's up my fellow freaks!! Hope all had a good week and if it was anything like mine, then around this time you are anxious to leave your respective jobs and relieve some stress, whether you gonna be drinking or fucking(or both cause that alcohol intensified sex is off the chain!!). This week has not been full of sex talk like most have but it never leaves my mind so I am gonna offer another variety day for you guys starting with a simple word: Squirting!

Oh yes, I certainly did!!!(cause I know some asked just then did I say that) Yes, squirting! So, for all of us out there we know that just like men women can also squirt maybe not as frequent because an orgasm for a man usually involves ejaculation and with women it does not, but it still happens. Now, the thing is that when it happens you better believe she is in Pleasureville USA because to get to this point it takes steady stimulation to her erogenous zones more specifically her Gspot( I'm not explaining this one again) but when it happens it is not only is a total mess but she has to be extremely comfortable because to her it feels like she is about to piss. Naturally, no one wants that happen cause that is totally disgusting and #itsnotgonnawork(for my twitter followers)! It's crazy cause its a lose, win situation; you become the guy that was able to give her an orgasm intense enough that she ejaculated but now all your bed linens are destroyed(shoutouts to T. Rezko)!! Well either way you know I'm gonna provide you with tips on how to pull this off people.

How to cause a Real Sexual Eruption

Step 1:

Slide to fingers inside and find that spongy tissue area, I introduced you to a couple weeks ago.

Step 2:

  • Turn your fingers so that your palm is facing the air and begin to gently massage that area using a simple "come here" motion but as you do this take a third finger and insert that one and place it slightly outside that spongy area and massage that area as well.
  • While you doing this you will or should feel two ducts(little small indentations), one on each side of her urethra(not explaining this either)*These two spots are 2 out of 29 responsible for female ejaculation.
  • It may take a while to locate them but hey practice makes perfect(wink wink) but once you do continue to press and rub.
*Remember that she will feel the urge to have to go to the bathroom but advise her that when a woman is aroused the glands that carry urine swell to prevent urine from exiting the bladder so she will be cool.

Step 3:

Take your other hand and press down on one or more of the ducts from the outside. If you didn't find them on the inside just press down on either side of her urethra while massaging the spongy tissue area and if she is really aroused then you will experience a few jets of liquid.

*It is possible that the glands that help the ejaculation may not be working properly so all of the above work only if they, and because I am not a real doctor I have entirely no idea how to correct that so you might wanna google that!!

* If you wan to speed it up or add an extra ummph, female heightner, its a cream applied to vagina that pretty much makes the vagina more receptive to stimulation.

And there you have it!

Now to continue onto the pleasure road next on the list is a first but I think I may do this from time to time and that's exhibit a sex toy that I put my stamp on recommend, kinda like Candi Corner except its not candy its the Sex Section or Tantalizing Toys(that might work lol).

The Rabbit

Here it is the infamous Rabbit. Nicknamed for the fact that the clit stimulator is shaped like rabbit ears, the rabbit provides but penetration and clit stimulation either separately or simultaneously and with various speeds and the fact that the dick portion can do a total 360 spin its every lonely girls dream. Now with that said imagine what happens when you let the toy do its job while you assit in the speeds and use your tongue alongside the clit stimulator.(Ladies, picture it then enjoy the mental picture later on lol).
You can find these all over the web in many different sizes, colors, and materials. They even have one that is made of pearls(showcased on Sex and City for the ladies who remember, pretty good episode.)

Man, its heating up in here right, feel free to remove your clothes whenever you feel like it especially if you reading this with your partners, it will be here when you get back.

The Grand Finale

To end I am going to randomly drop you a few extra tips, enjoy and try they have the Snewty Sex guarantee!!

  • Guys: Try this maneuver if you never have. Instead of giving her a regular licking, get her completely naked and trail ice all across her model, everywhere, but do slide the ice over her pussy instead take a cough drop and slide that inside your mouth. The pleasure of the menthol and the cool ice trails sliding across her body will have her shivering for more than one reason and only ends with the heat you will cause upon entering her.
  • Ladies: If you want to surprise your man with something, while riding him(hopefully in the many ways that explained that you should), take the rotating of the hips to another level by hit him with the "Office chair"(created to give him the business....tweak). But continue to ride him and start rotating your hips and as you do that, push your self onto your feet continuing with the motion and just like an office chair begin twirling on him, in a swivel motion. You can move from one side to the other or fully turn around.
* Remember that during this action keep those kegels working and if you decide to do a full turn around do it slowly rotate back facing him then side, then front and so forth. Sounds weird but it goes hard!!

  • Men: Not sure if you know, but there is a different sensation between 1 leg on your shoulder, 2 legs, legs spread wide and so forth so try "walking her up your chest." While on top slide in her gathering your thrust and while doing so grab her ankles and spread her legs wide continuing your stroke and switching between speeds and depth. As you continue and she gets more into it, guide her feet to your chest, let her feet touch your chest as you slide inside her, still holding her ankles. As you stroke walk her legs down to your stomach and back up continuously. You may not feel the difference(if you paying attention like you should you will) but you will definitely notice that she does!!

Well thats it, hope you learned something and enjoyed! Remember follow me @SnewtyAddiction and the rest of the Snewty crew (@IsisSoSnewty @DyVineSoul @SnewtyDyVine @malcolm_snax @JhatonJ @HiSide_LowEnd @poorichgyrl) and as usual

When you you seek pleasure follow YourAddiction.

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