Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chi City Love

Yes I know I know Kels is a sicko but you cant deny he's a musical mastermind. Apparently this is what he's been up to in his hiatus. Album dropping September I hear.

2.Kelly's 12 Play (remix)
3.Club 2 A Bedroom
4.Disrespect My Shorty
5.Fu*k Every Girl
6.Best I Ever Had
7.Bangin The Headboard
8.Pus*y Cry
9.Love Lockdown (remix)
10.Superman High
11.Turnin Me On
12.Turn My Swag On
13.Supa Dupa Man
14.Tip the Waiter
15.Birthday Sex (remix)
16.Making Me Wanna
17.Move If You Want
18.Chopped N Skrewed


GLC- My First Model feat Christian Rich

Bump J - Top This Feat Kanye West& Sly Polaroid

Twista- I can Make You Say

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