Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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A.D.I.D.A.S!!! **Adult Eyes Only**

Ppl act like they couldn’t answer the question from last week, so, I’m finna go ham on the nookie!
The question was: Can good or bad sex make or break a relationship? Should it?

So this week, we’re talking about that good, good! That’s a part of relationships, right? I mean, if you're in a relationship and you ain’t getting the sticky aka the nasty… and for the ladies… the supreme king ding and “The D*ck-a-roni” (lol, yes, someone very silly used this term), you’re missing a very vital part of your relationship! **Disclosure** I am not a freak; I am just versed in the pleasures and positions of “life” and my partner is pleased. **With that said, I’ll include a position of the week this week. I’ll try to keep it PG, so no pics but I will explain the position! **
So, we all like sex, so why no love on the question followers?? Well, I’ll answer my d*mn self. Sex is an integral part of a relationship. Why? It is one of the acts that we perform that cements a bond (i.e. consummation in marriage). Fellas and ladies, that’s why when you’re caught out with a “yaundastanme” (Shout out to Breeze and Penn Bannekar for this word), the first thing your girl/guy will ask is “did you f*ck ‘em??" It’s sort of like a “glue” that holds the relationship together and connects the two individuals… Believe me, I know this…date a chick for a while and don’t give up the d*ck on the regular, attitudinal problems will arise! So fellas, to keep a chick happily in stead, give her the lead… lol, I could not resist that one! And ladies, keep him in yo bed with that fiya head… (okay, I’ll stop)
I don’t say this to say that sex is the be all and end all of the relationship, but it is one part of a relationship that must exist to keep going strong. Especially with men. Women want to share their love via kisses and hugs and phone calls and texts and want men to do this, but men are more carnal creatures. A good workout session in the bed, on the couch, or the kitchen countertop will speak volumes about how they feel **All three places will work too** (this is true SOMETIMES- other times, they just wanted to f*ck).
So should good or bad make or break the relationship… Here’s a shorter answer… I can say more but I’ll give a guys perspective... My friend “Manding O. Tongo” (LMAO, it just fits, this is his Facebook name, not his real name ...smh) basically said, you should aim to please your partner in every aspect of the relationship; if the sex is bad then it will affect the relationship. If it’s good then ya’ll straight. I’d have to agree. So, yes, good or bad sex can make or break a relationship. But should it?
Here a hypothetical… you been seeing this new person and they are great! They make you laugh and ya’ll have fun together. The person is all together DOPENESS! But you get them in the bed and beep, beep, beep is more like whomp, whomp, what do you do? There’s only so much educating you’re gonna want to do! Trust me when I say… trying to direct someone on how to eat the yaya is no picnic! I’m gonna have to say that it should affect it, like I said; it’s an integral part of the relationship. But ya’ll let me know what ya’ll think! I’m gonna give ya’ll one more try on this question, ya’ll let me down, and I’mma swag splash on ya’ll whenever I see ya’ll!.

Position of the week! ** The Scissor** (Male and Female)
To keep this PG… lol… Put up the number 2 on both hands and interlock them with the lowest point of the ‘vee’ touching… (any lightbulbs going off yet?? LMAO) A great position and depending on the girth of you or your partner… it can make for some DEEP connections… LMAO!

Peace, Love and Sex to you all,



Isis said...

Lmfao you tweaked hard G but um yes sex can make or break a relationship..Its not like if you give me the whomp whomp I'm going to dump your ass on spot, thats if we have hella other things in common but a sista will be unsatisfied and with that lack of satisfaction comes my mind wandering off thinking about the previous guy who gave me that Kill. Everyone knows when the mind starts to wander your in trouble. I encourage every guy to watch porn regardless of how fiyyah ya think your pipe game is. Sex is an art and its important to know the skills of the trade. Personally my perfection for success in life extends to the bedroom as well. It's nothing better than two people who are hell bent on pleasing the hell out of each other. Man let me stop talking bout this shit before I get mad lol.

Anonymous said...


I’d have to be honest with the person that the sex ain’t on point and maybe we need to work on it a bit. If he just outright sux, I’m sorry… friend zone. But don’t let me be feeling a person and the good, good is GRRRREAT… I swear I’m there to stay. Do you know how hard to find that is??? Fresh as heck, funny, great to chill with and a pipe-laying fool! **Exhale**. I’m like you G, let me stop talking about it before I get mad cuz I can’t get none at this second.

Anonymous said...

One thing that yall have not mentioned is the sandbagging dick slanger! There are plenty of guys that I kno that dont give good dickaroni to girls that they dont like. For their main or a girlfriend or boo they might give the 2 hr smashfest delving into each and every position, licking necks, picking up and throwing against the wall not minding if they knock down everything off the dresser. But on the other hand the other guy that is merely having casual sex with someone they dont like that has convienient pu$$y they might give that 5-10 min dick. Thusly sandbaggin and keeping control of the dick also used when u kno u already got it like that.. lol."this is 4 me, not 4 u!". It is a strategy used by some of the greats. My roommate does it and thats how I kno....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Wow! "Sandbaggin dick slanger" WTF?? See, Isis and DyVine, that's why I read this! Lmao!
I'm gonna go with DyVine, if they bogus, then no more for you! Bad sex is a deal breaker!

Anonymous said...

Oh Em Gee! See, men is scandalous! Ladies, I guess you can take what Anonymous#1 said into account, are you gettin the good 2 hour smashfest up against the wall and ish or are you gettin the 5 min mess! Wow! U'm blown! Lol! You men!! Can't live with you, can't live without you! Next weeks topic: Are you the Main? Let the Sex Speak to You! Lol! Lot a females out there gettin FTSwindled on the dick!

Isis said...

Lmao Ftswindled on the dick now thats hilarious g but true..

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