Friday, June 12, 2009

Candi Corner

Wasup people as usual it is always a pleasure. Be sure to comment on the QOTW DyvineSoul posted. QOTWk: Can good or bad sex make or break a relationship? Should it? Anywho its been a pretty good week I got a ticket to go see Q tip tonight so I'm excited. I'm also feeling quite liberated as well so who knows what the weekend has in store for me. I been on my twitter as of lately and if your not on there yet your missing out. If you are please do follow me at Isissosnewty.
Oh if you go to the show this weekend please be sure to check out the Hangover... that movie is pur comedy.

The Candy of the Week is Walmart Smiley Face Fruit Snacks. Yes you heard me right. Original Flavor. I have spent many a nights binging on these things.

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