Friday, July 24, 2009

Freaky Friday

Thanks for all of the feedback from last week’s post, it seems as if the most of yall were feeling it and I also heard that of few of my ladies out there tried it out and enjoyed it, so to the fellas who these women did it to, you are welcome!!!!

However, enough of all of that, we know why I am here and we know why you came here today and that for the freaky stuff. Since last week, I been contemplating what I was going to give the Snewty world this week to start the weekend and while thinking had a conversation with my boy, Hollywood and he sparked an idea…

Last week, I told all of the beautiful women out there about the Asian Cowgirl, while explaining it I mentioned kegels and how useful they are during sex (if this is your first time reading Freaky Fridays, there is a rule, so if you just read that and was lost when I said kegels, stop reading and come back when you know what I am talking about). Now, most women know about kegel exercises and others actually practice and use them (I LOVE YOU WOMEN), but today I am not going to help the ladies out, this is for the dudes out there.

Announcement… Men can and should do kegel exercises! Uh Oh, I am seeing a lot of Mandingo ass niggas looking shocked and confused so let me try this again….MEN CAN AND SHOULD DO KEGEL EXERCISES. Ok fellas, I know that for some reason you already know that yo dick game is already that kill but guess what it’s not and you know the main reason why? BECAUSE YOU NUT TOO FAST DUDE!! Look, fuck all of that stroke and pull out shit and thinking about random stuff, do kegels and it will eliminate the need for you to say, “Damn, your shit was tight”. I know you are interested now, so you want to know the instructions to this kegel thing.

Well guys, you are not women so when your muscles contract they will not tighten around anything but the results are the same, which are, strengthened muscles in the pelvic area. I do not know all of the technical terms but to put it simply the muscles you use to stop yourself from going to the bathroom are the same muscles that help control your orgasm. That is the essence of kegel exercises getting those muscles to the point where they are strong enough to hold back you bustin quickly.

The exercises themselves not hard at all and you can do them anywhere it is just a matter of contracting your muscles down below. I suggest doing three different versions: 1) clinch and release your muscles repeatedly. 2) Clinch and hold your muscles for about 10-20 seconds then release 3) do a mixture of the two exercises. With all of the ones above, you can do them in sets or however, you want, just do them.

Benefits for this? Flat out my nigs, it will help you not nut so fast, which means that you get more time inside her, which should make your chances for making her cum a bit higher (that’s only if you had a chance from the beginning , Kegels don’t make your dick game and stroke any better sorry). However, beyond that, kegels makes any erection stronger and those movements from clinching your muscles because movements in your shit, so when you stroking clinching those muscles will give her a very different feeling while you sliding in and out of her. Matter fact once you have your muscles try this: Slide deep inside your boo, girlfriend, chick you met at the club, or whatever. Once deep inside her begin to clinch your muscles, don’t move just use your muscles she will feel what is going on and as you do that tell her to clinch her muscles also, this will give a crazy sensation to her G-Spot( I refuse to teach nigs what that is)!!!

So go on out or shit read this shit over and start the exercises then try them on your girl and hopefully you have build up some strength and can go ahead and handle your big and leave her with the memory of the multiple orgasms you gave her and maybe a weird walk!!

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