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Yo, what is the deal people? Yo, welcome to the first edition of the new section of the Snewty FREAKY FRIDAY. Yep you read correctly FREAkY FRIDAY!! Every Friday, I am going to be checking in to give you your dose of that wonderful act we all love…!! Oh, who am I? Well to all I will be known as youraddiction, that one thing that you want over and over, all the time ;) and every week, I am giving you random sex stories, sex blunders, tips and tricks and everything in between. No holds barred we all grown and we all like to do what grownups do (yea mad corny I know!!!) Therefore, with that said I am going to kick this off with the sex position for this week. I am recommending this to all and it should provide plenty of entertainment and excitement for the weekend.

This is for my women out there (do not worry fellas you going to appreciate it)! Now ladies, I know plenty of you say that you have that “comeback” and for all of the non-slang speaking women out there I am sure you feel you are good in the sack. Regardless of how you describe your sexual skills, if this move is not in your arsenal take your sex swag down a couple of notches and know that you are depriving your husband, boyfriend (both 1 & 2), your dip, cutty buddy, etc. a great fucking experience.

Ok the move is called the Asian Cowgirl and this is of course a woman on top positions. It is similar to the conventional woman on top of position except instead of you kneeling on top of your man you squat. In this position, there is nothing in the way, he gets an all access pass inside of you. What do u do? You take your man’s dick and slide him inside of you as you normally would but DO NOT kneel and lean over him, this is not the time to be lazy. Plant your feet on the bed, floor, desk, car hood (lol), or wherever and hold yourself up with your legs. From here, you have two choices, 1)take all of his dick inside you and begin to go crazy bouncing on his shit til he bust or 2) take just the head of his dick inside you and tease him until he tries to go deeper then ride the shit out of him til he bust( my personal favorite). Either way he going to bust and wonder what the hell just happened.!!! If you want, you can lean forward while you still squatting and kiss your man or while you bouncing try opening and closing your legs alternating as you go up and down. You can speed things up or slow them down, you can go soft or slam down on him.

Ladies, this is not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot of energy and a lot skill to pull this off successfully, so you might want to do a couple of squats before trying it. Once you have it down, the sight of his manhood sliding inside of you mixed with the depth that you can take him inside you will have him going nuts, believe me!!! Plus, you get total control over everything no jackrabbit humping; you control the tempo and everything else. If you do happen to get tired, spread your legs wide and let him hump away until he tires himself out and then go back to putting on your show.

As you master this move, you can try different variations of it. Try reversing the move, from here he gets a full view of your ass while you are bouncing and you can focus on fucking the hell out of him without having to watch him stare at you or make any weak ass faces. Just grab his ankles and do your thing. If you want a different feeling yourself, turn sideways on his shit; you will be able to feel him touching different areas inside you and he would feel a different sensation. With all of this I’m telling you, remember learning to tighten your shit around him does wonders so get your kegels game up (if you don’t know what that is and you are over 21 then stop reading this section immediately and go back to the missionary position until you do)!

For the women who already know what this move can do, congrats, you get a hand clap from me. If you do this move and you do not see what I am talking about, you doing it wrong lol!!!!

So this weekend go crazy, drop me a line letting me know how it worked out, let me know if you have better moves or if you have questions. Fellas, if you feel like your girl is getting the best of you, rub her clit a little bit while she bouncing and watch her shiver through orgasm after orgasm. If you really talented and want to show your dick game is still something to be reckon with, slide your hands underneath her ass and use her bouncing as your leverage to throw the dick back at her. She will change her tune a bit as she cums (warning: if you do not know your count or stamina not where it should be you will end up making yourself cum and then that is your ass). Nevertheless, if done right she will greatly appreciate it and it will give u a bit more control. (Sorry, ladies you cannot get all the fun). Til next week, signing off.

Whenever you looking for pleasure just follow youraddiciton.

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P.S. I say go check out Fabolous- Makin Love featuring Ne-Yo off Loso’s Way.

“Catch the itis in the sheets, I’m gonna eat and go to sleep”

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