Thursday, July 9, 2009

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**Okay, I’m back. Apologies are in order for my absence. Let me explain! What had happened was…. I was in the hospital! I had to get a blood transfusion and have been in recovery for the past week, so bare (sp?) with me! But I came back with the goods. I hope ya’ll ready for this one!**

Are you the Main Chick or The Side Booty?: Let the Sex Tell it All!

I know, I know, you’re like, this had better be good, and DyVineSoul had better come with that kill! I must say, it is and you know I will. This topic was initially brought to me by a good friend of mine, O.T. He introduced it to me as “sandbaggin’.” Yep, kinda crude term and all, but that’s what he called it! Haha! Basically, Sandbaggin’ is the theory that guys who have a main chick (girl or boo) may sleep with other girls (more specifically: bussas, sluts, hoes, scags, getdowns, yadigs, whams, yaundastandmes, and whatnots) just to get a nut off; there are no feelings involved (at least from the guy). So, from that, I pondered that maybe it is quite possible for a female to determine where she stands with a guy based on the sex. I hypothesized that a guy gives the best d*ck to his main and leaves that half-effort sex for the birds… (unless, he has a sexually repressed chick and needs to get his fantasies elsewhere. And that sux donkey nuts lol)

This topic got some great, and brutally honest, responses from the guys that I asked to shed some light for me. (Thanks fellas!) I can safely say that Sandbaggin’ does occur and that many guys do it! Don’t worry ladies; I’m sure your guy is the one that’s different! He wouldn’t dare do such a thing and he’s the f*ckin best (pls note heavy sarcasm)!! No matter how Halle Berrrrryy, Halle Berry you are, your man might still be sandbaggin in your absence. Yep, even me too! (And ya’ll kno I’m fine! Lol)

SoOo, In my research I have learned this: Aside from the obvious late night booty calls, a chick has other indicators of whether she’s a main or not. And she can get it from the Sex!
Ladies, if:

He does not care to have foreplay w/you at all—I mean like never, chances are, you are the side smash

He does not kiss you during/before/after sex (and I’m not talking about no peck, I’m talking bout tonguing you down, pullin yo hair kinda kissin’), chances are, you are the side smash

He doesn’t want to lick and suck on yo body for just a lil bit and (most importantly) LOOK to see if you are enjoying it, chances are, you are a side smash

He has sex with you and that’s it. No touching huggin, tender touches at all, chances are, you are a side smash

He ALWAYS pushes your head down for that dome, chances are (you got amazing head **thumbs up to you**) but, chances are you are a side smash

He DOES NOT return the FAVOR!!!! You know you are a side smash! No, if ands or buts! If you are his main, and you give him good head, he should be able to go for a 10-round knock down, drag out fight with yo clit and labia.. Okay?! (lol… I am high-fiving all the imaginary sistah-girls and the ones who agree)

Research doesn’t lie. I got countless emails saying, “Hell nah, she’s just a dip, she doesn’t get the dick like my girl does.” As it has been referred to before, the dickaroni (aka that good ish) is what you want to be getting. I’m talking about, its so good all you can do is go to sleep afterwards! So good, you want it in the back of a van, car or pick-up! And definitely so good, your spine hurts for a lil bit after… lol. I josh. But whatever you do…. Do not be gettin SANDBAGGED! LMAO!

**But I will say that some people are just nasty and will do it all to anybody who is willing to partake.**

My G, K.M.D, also introduced another factor to this that I hadn’t thought about. So, pay attention ladies! It is possible to be the main and not get the greatest sex ever. This is simply because you guys have become too comfortable with each other and know what to do to make each other cum. So, don’t read this and panic. Every situation is different. Judge whether you’re the main or side chick based on how long you guys have been dealing with each other as well. **but I do have a tip tho…. If you guys have been at it for a while and it’s just not as exciting—ya know, waking up with bruises and bite marks and ish—try spicing up the sex life. Grab a Kama Sutra book, or watch some porn together… keep it fresh!

So with that, I conclude. Are you a Main Chick (boo or girl), or are you a side smash?? Hmmm… Don’t forget to comment and scroll to the bottom and FOLLOW this blogspot!

Peace, Love, and Sex

QOTWk: Would you be open to a three-some if your partner requested such?


Anonymous said...

Amazing! That dude O.T. is a genius, better than the bruh steve harvey... u gotta bust some secrets owt 4 the fellas tho...

-JustMe- said...

I don't agree with this. I know my man ain't doin ish! cuz I take care of him. but the dudes that do this is straight grimy! I ain't sayin it might not be tru for some, but don't make it seem like all dudes do it.

Elle Monee said...

I couldn't have a 3sum if I was in a relationship. That's a single and mingling type of experience. Cuz if you wanna bring another woman into my bedroom we have some real deep seated issues.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, thanks for reading and commenting. My thoughts on sandbaggin? Personally, I think it sucks, but sometimes, certain aspects play a role in a relationship that causes this stuff (i.e. distance, convenience) to become a reality. I don’t want ppl to think that because I write this stuff that I’m cool with it. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who did this. That’s why DyVine is keeping it solo until someone impresses me enough to make me want to change that. LOL! Fellas, if you doin this to yo girl, let her go! She doesn’t need this. You might think you just sandbaggin a b*tch, but she just might be rubbin that ish in your girl face… women are evil as hell! So just stop it, studs too! I don’t want to make it seem as if these dialogues are strictly for the heteros! LGBTs, if you doin this… stop it, ya partner doesn’t deserve it. And so on… apply where needed.
As far as the threesome goes…. HELL NO! If my boo called me today and ask for that… I’d tell him flat out, as long as we’re dealing with each other, that will CONTINUE to be a fantasy, cuz it will never be a reality! Unless you’re a porn star, threesomes bring trouble! I pride myself on being sexually open but, I gotta agree with L-Bourgies up there when she says that’s for the singles… Why is it always a couple plus one? Why don’t ppl try to live out these fantasies when they’re single? Like, hit up two ppl and say, what if…? Lol. Ya feel me. Threesomes are for the birds! I had a guy ask if my roommate and I would be willing to do a threesome. I was mad as shit that he asked but he was honest!

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