Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Chi Town Heat

I was debating if I was gonna blog this or not but since I showed JenniFair love and got hella positive feedback, I figured might as well keep the independent love going. So this song has been getting mad radio play in the Chi and has set a few homecomings and parties off for the freakbody hours of the nite. I'm always down for giving independent artist their shine especially when I've witnessed their grind first hand and trust this guy has been grinding since highschool..word to MPHS. This shit tweaked me though I can't front, cause I was riding in the car and this came on the radio and I was like oh I like this song. After trying to find the song and having no luck I just so happened to sign onto facebook and saw the song in my friends status and was like hell nawl..P. Diddy made that song. Yes thats his alias because his swagger was so Diddy like in highschool and college,so this was definitely a long time coming. I hope he blows up and Kels don't swagger jack this song and do the remix.
The artist name is Jeremih and his song is called Birthday sex. Check it out

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