Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from So Snewty

Maybe it's a matter of maturation, as the years of my life progress, or it could just be a culmination of perspectives based on various struggles in this day and age and realizing that I am Blessed enough not to be in the majority; whatever the case may be this year I am extremely thankful for my present state. In this current economy, with unemployment rates on the rise, I'm thankful to finnally have a job. I reside in Chi city and with our city having the highest crime rate, I am blessed and thankful to not have been a victim of crime. This year I received my degree and I am thankful for the strength and opportunity to do so. In a society where standards aren't the same, and the very essence of family has been chipped away at, I am thankful to still have a solid foundation in my family and a model that is contrary to what the latest statistics say on African American households.I am blessed to still be breathing and healthy in a world where so much can take you out the count. I am thankful for a solid circle of friends who I can count on for support and commradory. A circle of friends who have their heads on straight and to value the importance of family and love. To be sitting in a room with ten people, men and women and not one of us have any children out of wedlock is a blessing in itself. Lastly Im thankful that after all my battles and struggles with life and love Im still standing and playing my hand.
What are you guys thankful for?

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