Monday, August 11, 2008

The Corporate Take Over

Wasup everybody , yeah I know you been loosing your minds seeing as how I went on a week hiatus. I apologize. I ended the internship I was working at this summer last week and boy did they work my ass before I left.I worked 56 hours last week. I also got the pleasure of attending a White Soxs game last week in the corporate boxes. Now that was very snewty and player like. Check me out gettin my grind on. Now that Im done with the internship it's time to take over corporate America. Isis Communications on the rise.

I hope all of your weekends were nice despite the losses that occurred. Blessing to Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes family. They'll be missed. This is truly an example of how the body of work you produce when your alive becomes your legacy and what a legacy the two of them have.

Last nite I was at the Red Star lounge with Noel Gourdin. It was a pretty fly spot in downtown Chicago, called Exposure. I was shocked to see it was owned by a brother and in the heart of downtown. I definitely was like this is what we need to see more often. Noel gave a good set. My guy Real talk opened and Lee England Jr. I'm definitely gonna hit ya'll with some of there material later this week.

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